Simone Ott

A freelance author Simone Ott divides her time between Los Angeles and Switzerland. She writes for such publications as Architectural Digest, NZZ am Sonntag, Annabelle and Tages Anzeiger. As a columnist she writes for the American online music platform The Comet. She will be contributing to The Brander from Los Angeles.

Bild/Picture Ottolenghi: The New Vegetarian

Ottolenghi: The New Vegetarian

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Bellocq – The Tea Artisans

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Hôtel Americano - A Home Away from Home

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Titoni: A Watchmaker Who Doesn't Peddle Dreams

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Fisker - Green just got sexy

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Le Labo - Revolutionizing Perfume

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MOTHER Denim – The fine art of subtle glamour

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