Marco Vernaschi

Marco Vernaschi is an Italian photographer who currently lives in Argentina. His provoking and sometimes controversial work received several prestigious recognitions, including two grants by The Pulitzer Center. His photographs are published internationally by major outlets such as Newsweek, TIME, National Geographic, The New York Times, Sunday Times Magazine and GEO.

Bild/Picture The Reklus Cars: From a Boy

The Reklus Cars: From a Boy's Dream to a Grown-up Brand

"We love cars. Nobody works with us just for the money," says Reklus founder Gustavo Mancardo. Continue »

Bild/Picture Casa Fagliano: Boots for the Sultan of Brunei

Casa Fagliano: Boots for the Sultan of Brunei

An Argentine family establishment with a belief in tradition, not trends – and arguably the best polo boots in the world. Continue »

Bild/Picture Exclusive Preview of “Placebo”

Exclusive Preview of “Placebo”

As a tribute to the Biennale's opening The Brander presents an exclusive selection of intriguing works by Marco Vernaschi from his project “Placebo”. The Italian photographer has received prestigious recognitions for... Continue »

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