Thomas Escher

Thomas Escher is an information architect and freelance journalist who currently lives in New York. He reports, inter alia, for Spiegel Online. He studied media and communications management at the university of cooperative education in Ravensburg, before he started with the Burda publishing house in 2004.

Bild/Picture Öllerer – Handmade Musical Mastery

Öllerer – Handmade Musical Mastery

Hans Kirchhofer: “Our marketing strategy is simple: We build instruments that retain their value.” Continue »

Bild/Picture Blind Barber – Makes the Cut

Blind Barber – Makes the Cut

For centuries, the barbershop was the ordinary man's safe haven – until the 1970s, when it almost entirely disappeared. In New York, this oasis of unconstrained masculinity now celebrates its renaissance. Continue »

Bild/Picture Brooklyn Brine – The Pickle Maker

Brooklyn Brine – The Pickle Maker

What does a laid-off cook from Brooklyn do to find a fresh opportunity? He starts a pickle company – what else? Continue »

Bild/Picture Catherine Malandrino ‒ A Fashion Fairy Tale

Catherine Malandrino ‒ A Fashion Fairy Tale

Self-possessed French fashion princess advances to grande dame of the international fashion scene. Continue »

Bild/Picture hOmE – The Explorers

hOmE – The Explorers

Evan and Oliver Haslegrave combine craftsmanship and architecture to discover something unexpected every single day. Continue »

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