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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!


Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs


Acclaimed New Zealand designers Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs joined for an exclusive and innovative collaboration called Kayak 1. The stunning single person boat craft features a minimalist design combined with valuable materials. Lightweight and built using carbon fibre by America´s Cup boat builders in New Zealand, Kayak 1 can be ordered in different finishes and materials depending on the owner’s needs, making it a truly unique and special product. 

She's B R A N D E R S


Meet our incredible, powerful, smart, stylish and fabulous women at Branders!

Gucci Pre-Fall 2016


Gucci’s “The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice” is a four-part series of short films shot in New York. “Palo Alto” director Gia Coppola casts a contemporary lens over the Greek legend, starring the ill-fated lovers and the Pre-Fall 2016 collection.

Giant for The Brander


“Each business needs a brand,” he says today. “Just as every person needs a name. Without a brand, you’re not in charge of your own destiny.” Tony states. He sells more bicycles than anyone on the planet. Once upon a time, his only concern was running the business well. Today he says: “I want to make people happy.” Take a read of the full story!



Dorota Pankowska


Paris-based designer and art director Dorota Pankowska created the Twitter logo, which is made from 13 perfect circles. Inspired by this realisation, she wanted to give herself a challenge designing other animals with the same 13 circles method. The result is quite impressive. Rabbit, dog, elephant, owl, cat, fox, and a lot more to add. Have a look!
Dorota Pankowska

She's Mercedes


Mercedes Benz launched almost a year ago She’s Mercedes which consisted of a print magazine, several events and a digital hub. The primary aim of this platform was to create a dialogue: Exceptional women from different fields and industries gave their personal insights into topics all around business and private life, as well as how to successfully balance the two. Through home stories and interviews, they spoke about the challenges and ups and downs of their careers, as well as their personal achievements, mistakes, fears and goals. Take a look at some of these fantastic intimate portraits!



Pavillon of Reflections


MANIFESTA represents the roving European Biennal of Contemprary Art, which brings the visual arts together with the urban, social, historical, ecomical, ecological and architectural context of each host city. This years city host is Zurich presenting its heart piece set up on the Lake, near Bellevue. The Pavillon of Reflections is a floating island with an open-air cinema and integrated swimming pool, which will constitute a new temporary landmark in the city. The aim of this architectual statement is to create a new, central location for the 100-day duration of the art biennal and has been developed in co-operation with 30 architecture students from ETH Zurich, led by Studio Tom Emerson. Read more about it!
Manifesta.org / ETHZ.ch

Minipresso GR


Did you ever wished for a real espresso during your last camping, hiking, or just during your last outdoor excursion? There might not be an Italian bar in the woods, but there can be the Minipresso GR from Wacaco, which officially represents the world’s smallest outdoor espresso maker. The perfect portable espresso machine is not only handy and lightweight, but the consumer is also free to use any preferred coffee beans, which gives him more flexibility in trying new flavors. Its small size (17 x 6cm) and low weight (360gr) means you can bring it with you on your next wild adventure. Take a look! 



Ludovico Einaudi for Greenpeace


What an unusual cooperation between Greenpeace and world-famous Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi. Against the icy backdrop of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier, the artist performed his own composition Elegy for the Arctic on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean (Svalbard, Norway) adding his voice to the eight million people from across the world demanding protection for the Arctic. The massiv early retreat of sea ice as a consequence of climate change permitted the construction of an artificial iceberg made from more than 300 triangles of wood, on which the artist and the grand piano performed. Impactful, fascinating and alarming at the same time. 

Van Gogh on Dark Water


Turkis artist Garip Ay recreates dreamy pieces of art as Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting using a paper marbling technique - more specifically one of the oldest Turkish arts described as painting on water called ebru. Marbling involves the careful process of floating colors on the surface of water or a slightly more viscous solution called size, before transferring the design or pattern to a special sheet of paper in a dramatic flourish. The results are unique and one of a kind, take a look!

100 Years of Men's Underwear Fashion


From early-1900s one-pieces to modern-day boxer-briefs, a century's worth of men’s underwear. Happy Monday Ladies! 

Dan Leş


Dan Leş has a quite and tranquil expression, long curly hair and a thick grey beard. His shoulders are large and his big, solid hands form spinning clumps of clay with precious kindness. Dan Leş is a figurative and passionate ceramicist, who has been doing his profession for over 40 years. Living in the peaceful Maramureş valley of Northern Romania, his art pieces have earned several awards and also appeared in the Museum of National Ethnography. His father teached him his handicraft and cooperated for several years with his sun running a studio in the small town of Baia Mare. 

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