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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!

Happy Friday...


... on a water swing!

New mag in town


Seefeld is the name of the district 8 on the eastern shore of the lake Zurich. Over the past decade it has become an incredibly popular area to live in - which not only results in high rents, the opening of several concept stores, bars and restaurants, but also in a brand new online magazine which helps you discover the area and its individuals.

Source: http://www.zurichkreis8.ch

When sculptures become alive


This series of 3D printed sculptures was designed in such a way that the appendages match Fibonacci's Sequence, a mathematical sequence that manifests naturally in objects like sunflowers and pinecones. When the sculptures are spun at just the right frequency under a strobe light, a rather magical effect occurs: the sculptures seem to be animated or alive! The rotation speed is set to match with the strobe flashes such that every time the sculpture rotates 137.5º, there is one corresponding flash from the strobe light. 

Breaking free


Leo Burnett Change, Leo Burnett's specialist arm dedicated to social change, designed this cover, which features a plastic wraparound encasing an image of a woman appearing to be suffocated. It's part of a campaign for Karma Nirvana, the U.K. charity that helps victims of honor-based violence.

In 2004, a 17-year-old British-Pakistani woman named Shafilea Ahmed was suffocated and murdered by her parents, in front of her siblings, after she refused an arranged marriage. Her death is referenced clearly and heartbreakingly on limited-edition covers of the February issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the U.K. to raise awareness about so-called honor killings.

The photographer for the image was Erin Mulvehill.

Infinite ampersand


Source: http://tinyurl.com/nsgdtoy

Colorful bird stamps


Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera once gained our attention with her paper birds sculptures. Now, she has just completed the project «Bird Stamps from all around the world», gathering stamps which show birds from Brazil, Colombia and Portugal, all made in fine relief.

Chic in Zurich


We're excited to find our Senior Brand Designer Palma on Chic in Zurich today!


Just skiing...


Megacities of the future


Photographer Marcus Lyon's images of crammed megacities and never-ending highways might make you feel like going off the grid.

In his claustrophobic series BRICsExodus, and Timeout, Lyon creates large-scale visions of globalization and human activity. The images aren't just photos of Moscow or Mumbai or Marina del Rey, but composites of hundreds of images meant to overwhelm you with the enormity of it all.

It's Thursday and...


Source: http://tinyurl.com/ogzomty



Photographer Laurent Baheux started his series of black and white images of wild animals in Africa in 2002 during a trip in Tanzania. Since, he has travelled in the South of Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia and many more regions. Captivating!

New Sonos logo


Why this is our favourite version of the new Sonos logo? Scroll the page. Up and down, scroll it. See? The logo pulses — like sound is emanating from its centre, producing a pounding bass line. The new identity was created by Bruce Mau Design.

The Wonderful Everyday


IKEA has just released its first TV ad of the year on the theme of storage. Produced by English Blink Productions and directed by Dougal Wilson, this ad shows t-shirts, seen as birds, migrating from far away countries to an IKEA PAX wardrobe in the city.

Ā«SupergeilĀ» again


Here he comes again: Friedrich Liechtenstein.

Great business idea


«Glitter as a Service: want to piss off someone you dislike for only $9.99? Let us send them some stupid fucking glitter that is guaranteed to go everywhere.»

Source: http://shipyourenemiesglitter.com
Found via swissmiss.

Supplement: The 22-year-old creator of the site is already urging his millions of fans to stop using his brilliantly evil website to get revenge on their enemies. http://tinyurl.com/mve6c7a

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