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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!

Baroque Baroque


Belvedere Palace and the famous Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) foundation are pleased to inaugurate their upcoming exhibition with the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. Baroque Baroque, represents an ambitious venture that brings together a selection of artworks of Eliasson’s most significant works from the holdings of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) and the Juan & Patricia Vergez collections. The exhibition is available until the 6th March 2016.

Mural animal trophies


Antoine Tesquier-Tedeschi, founder of Tes-Ted design studio, produced in collaboration with the design and online store Hu2 some fantastic animal wire murals featuring continuous geometric aesthetic. The realistic and two dimensional look of the animal's visage has been replicated through a wire which outlined the creature's physiognomy. Only once mounted onto a wall the composition becomes completed allowing the background's coloring to finish and personalize the piece. 

Fantastic movie director portraits


German illustrator and designer Julian Rentzsch produced a fantastic series of movie director portraits in conjunction with Stellavie Design Manufaktur. Each drawing combines the portrait of brilliant minds with characters and images from their most famous films which wrote the history of cinematography.

Wooden toys by Cosmos


Looking for a X-mas gift? Cosmos is a set of classic wooden blocks reinvented with cool aerospace forms and a patented magnetic system. Each individual part is formed in solid beech, sanded by hand, and painted with 3 layers to give a beautiful, smooth finishing. Check this out!

Waldo - we got you!


Where is Waldo? Remember this question? Since the 1980s, kids have spent countless hours scouring for the lonely man in the red and white shirt. Thanks to the world wide web, London-based artist “Wally”, is now able to reveal and share with us the answer to this famous question. How? Wally stages the well-known character himself into curious and original pictures…Follow the daily life of Waldo on Instagram account Wally Found!

Secret treasures at Porsche museum


Have you ever thought about how the behind the scene of a museum looks like? In a rare trip, German photographer Steffen Jahn, took a look behind the closed doors of the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, which counts as the paradise of luxury vehicles. Jahn's picture documentation reveals the secret warehouse showing how the most precious and prized treasures of Porsche, from limited-edition racing cars to vintage recreational vehicles, are storaged and maintained. 

Adele undercover - THE prank


«Pranks will make you laugh. Except when Adele does them. When Adele does something, you cry» This is how a YouTuber commented Adele pranking her fans by going under-
cover in an Adele-impersonation contest for BBC's Graham Norton Show. She disguised herself and transformed into "Jenny" faking her chin and nose, covering her tattoos with gloves, but the moment she began to sing...you need to see their reactions.

Topo Designs + Woolrich = New Rover Pack


Famous backpack brand Topo Designs developed a new rucksack cooperating with the old-school outdoor clothing expert Woolrich. The output of this union results as the perfect modern mix of the two companies while keeping a great timeless feel. Take a look at this unique collection.

Surf and skate deluxe


As part of their new Spring/Summer 2016 collection called “Surf Sound”, French fashion house Saint Laurent has designed a limited edition of skate- and surfboards, paying tribute to the 70's California. 

Brands behind James Bond's Spectre


From high-end fashion to premium beer, from luxurious cars to world-famous men's razors - Brands are of crucial importance to the Bond film franchise. Spectre, the 24th official film in the series, is on one hand the most expensive yet, however also the one counting the less product placements ever. Take a look at the brands behind the latest 007.

Gordon & MacPhail sculptural Mortlach Bottle


The 75 years old Mortlach is believed to be the world’s oldest and most exclusive single malt scotch whisky ever released. In cooperation with the english agency Contagious, whisky expert Gordon & MacPhail launched a modern and to 100 exemplar limited interpretation of the traditional packaging of the 75 year old Mortlach pure malt.

Luma's tiny smartphone lamp


Luma is a miniature lampshade that turns your smartphone's glare into a cozy bedside lamplight. This pretty and tiny device made of acrylic is the result of a great collaboration between designers of Peleg Design Studio and the Holon Institute of Technology.

The Fever Scout


After their breakthrough with eSkin™, a new technology of comfortable micro sensors which adhere to the human body and deliver health information, Vivalnk, has now launched The Fever Scout. This soft wearable and nicely designed thermometer continuously measures your baby's temperature and wirelessly sends that information to your smartphone transforming the unliked process into a real fun thing.  

Unrevealed comics by Charles Schulz


«Good cartooning is basically good design» the famed illustrator once said. Fifteen years after his dead, ten rare comics have been published as part of the new book Only What's Necessary: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of Peanuts from Abrams, which includes his epic career from his first comic to never-before-seen illustrations...Take a look! 

One Minute Sketch


Berlin-based artist Federico Pietrella interprets the topic of ‘Time’ with his style of creating complex paintings made with date stamps. Take a minute to watch this behind the scenes video.

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