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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!




Ivy Park - FW 16/17


IVY PARK is merging fashion-led design with technical innovation. Creating a new kind of performance wear: modern essentials for both on and off the field. Take a look at the new fall/winter 2016 collection. 



The Kodak ‘ektra’ smartphone is a photography-based phone developed for customers with a passion for photography — from enthusiasts to experts. Released by Kodak and Bullitt group, the ‘ektra’ handset fuses the best of kodak’s rich history in imaging with the latest innovations in smartphone photography. Take a look! 

Levi's x Jacquard by Google


Levi's and Google collaborate to create the newest in wearable technology - the Levi's Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket. Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms. Everyday objects such as clothes and furniture can be transformed into interactive surfaces. This ride will definitely bring you to the next level!



Imagine a bracelet made from sustainably sourced gems that vibrates only when your CEO is calling. Whether it's at the dinner table, out with friends, or at an important meeting, Ringly lets you keep your phone tucked away and sets your mind at ease notifying you only about the person, mail or app that matters the most. Meet Ringly.com

Christian Herdeg


Swiss artist Christian Herdeg has been dedicated to the medium of light for more than forty years. As one of the first Swiss artists to use fluorescent tubes, he represents a pioneer of light art. The retrospective exhibition at the Museumhaus Konstruktiv, which was developed in close collaboration with the artist, shows the essential stages of his unmistakable creativity from the very beginning. Herdeg's artistic research is based on the relation between light, color, surface, volume and space, with his light installations showing an increasing tendency towards formal reduction and clear reference to Minimal Art. Visit the exhibition from October 27th, 2016 to January 15th, 2017.

DING: The smart, modern doorbell


While doorbells have remained pretty much the same over the years, Ding has been working behind the scenes to change that. They’ve launched the Ding Smart Doorbell which aims to be a simple yet smart solution for your modern home. Ding is comprised of three components – the doorbell button, the chime that’s placed in the home, and the free smartphone app. The button is pressed by a visitor, the chime dings inside while also calling your smartphone so that you can talk to the person at the door from anywhere.

St. Erik Chips


Because it did not feel anything on the market would go well enough with its beers, the Swedish brewery St. Erik has launched the world' most expensive crisps. $59 for a box of five pieces makes those "the most exclusive" in the world. St. Erik's created the brand of crisps using five very specific ingredients - Matsutake mushrooms picked from northern Swedish forests, truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands, Crown Dill from the Bjäre Peninsula, Leksand onion and India Pale Ale Wort.



Gold's Gym


In cooperation with the School of Visual Arts in New York, Creative Directors Jack Mariucci and Bob Mackall launched some unconvetional billboards to demonstrate how strong you can become with Gold's Gym. 

USM for The Brander


USM Haller, the Swiss producer of modular furniture, is managed in the 4th generation by Alexander Schärer. Over time, the company’s iconic brand has become a design classic – even finding its way into New York’s MoMA. Read the full story on The Brander.com



The Carry-On - Away


Planning a trip is fun, but hell breaks loose the night before departure when you try to jam a week's worth of clothing into your decade-old suitcase, kicking yourself for spending hours online looking at new bars instead of realizing one of your zippers is stuck. Vanquishing the stress of packing and traveling is a new kind of suitcase that tackles the modern traveler's woes - regardless of how frequently they travel - at an attractive direct-to-consumer price and appearance. Away's debut product is a carry-on suitcase that allows for multiple outfit changes a day, charges phones and tablets, and will weather a lot of worst-case scenarios.



Can augmented reality work for print magazines? That’s the question that ELLE, the No. 1 fashion magazine brand in the world, and HuffPost RYOT, one of the most prolific virtual reality and 360° content studios are hoping to answer through their new partnership. Hovering over any one of ELLE's eight November covers featuring personalities like Kristen Stewart, Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Adams, Anna Kendrick, Aja Naomi King, Felicity Jones, Helen Mirren and Kathy Bates — will bring up videos of the cover stars creating an exceptional augmented reality (AR) experience. Read more about it here: Prnewswire.com



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