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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!

Double fat instead of skinny milk?


Double fat instead of skinny milk? …or how to attract attention in the cold-coffee shelf, read our CEO's comment in today's Blick.ch edition http://branders.ch/de/medien/


Prada eyewear goes illustration


In order to unveil their latest eyewear collection, Prada teamed up with six talented fashion illustrators to tease a new virtual experience. The recently launched line’s website, Prada Raw Avenue, features a virtual catwalk where users can experience the luxury brand’s sunglasses through the eyes of each artist’s interpretations.

Users can interact with the site in real-time through the different illustrations as they walk the virtual runway. No less than Carly Kuhn, Blair Breitenstein, Judith van den Hoek, Megan Hess, Vida Vega and Wong Ping have expressed their personal views on the new eyewear collection. The magnificent drawings and illustrations are another brilliant example of the unison of fashion and art. 


Stationery turning into fashion


When fashion brands started offering notebooks and pens, nobody was surprised. It seemed quite natural to write down the own thoughts into a notebook by Christian Lacroix, Paul Smith or Lanvin. Now imagine wearing a Smythson pullover or Montblanc shoes. Does the idea of stationery brands dabbling in fashion seem as logic to you as the former idea?

That the expansion works the other way around as well has been demonstrated by luxury stationery brands like Montblanc, Smythson, and Moleskine by entering successfully the fashion accessories market. Like fashion brands, they launched collections of wallets, messenger bags or briefcases, collaborated with designers or even joined the official London Fashion Week schedule, as Smythson did in 2013.

As Montblanc’s leather goods look like a collection of an Italian luxury accessories house rather than a product by a manufacturer of pens, it becomes obvious that the once strict lines between market segments are blurring more and more. Moleskine’s co-founder Maria Sebregondi, for example, is open to further expansion: “A Moleskine jacket one day - why not?”

We’re curious what comes next!

Vinyl me, Please!


If music is a part of you, if you believe that albums are meant to be enjoyed as a complete work of art and if you listen deeply and actively to music, then you should not waste a second and join Vinyl me, Please. Members of this club will receive monthly, over the course of a year, a box containing a selected record with a 12” x 12” album-inspired art print and a custom cocktail pairing recipe (to complement the listening experience). 

The albums they send you are more than worthy of taking up precious space on your shelf, as you’ll only get albums that are complete works of art from start to finish; the kind people will fight over when you die, as they write. The music spans various genres, times, periods and artists and the vinyls you receive were pressed exclusively for the members of the club. 

Spots are limited from month to month – register quickly!


Go slow!


Fascinated by the the sea’s tidal patterns, the repeating transformation of the environment, and the rhythm created by this, the design studio Atyp produced a new shortfilm called “Tide”: Based on localised tidal data, monochromatic whites transform constantly from bright into dark colours, accompanied by recorded sounds of limpets, whelks and other rock pool inhabitants.

The meditative transformation oft the digital forms represents a mode of calm within the noise of the internet.

cool down…


an all time favourite... no diggity;) have a happy summer day and cool down to Chet Faker's vibes.

Mirror mirror on the wall


If you look into the mirror and all you see are penguins… then you’re either drunk or your’re standing in front of Daniel Rozin’s new artwork “Penguins Mirror”. It consists of 450 stuffed penguins on rotating motors, reflecting in black and white the outline and movements of the person standing in front of them.

Next time you’re having a bad hair day, have a look at this mirror instead of the one in your bathroom! It is currently featuring at Daniel Rozin’s solo exhibition “Descent With Modification” at bitforms in NYC through July 1.


Only Summer Will Tell


The state of superficial being-in-the-know has never been worse as trams, trains and buses are flooded with free sheets touting shallow news and infotainment…
… read our CEO's advice on how not to waste your time with the Kardashians this summer but rather hold quality expectations high on content, information and your very own way of communicating to one another.

Be inspired! http://branders.ch/de/medien/

Cast to Party


Why listen to your favorite tunes on headphones when you can share it with the people around you? The new update to the Google Cast lets you cast your music from your mobile device to your speakers in a few clicks: Connect to Wi-Fi, open a Google Cast-enabled music app on your device, tap the cast button, select your music and… dance!

Google Cast



Dont miss this important and funny lesson in attitude and watch little Johanna rule the stage dancing to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”. She definitely made our day!


Never forget how to kiss


(Not) everything was better in the past


Everything was better in the past? Let these crazy fashion ads from the 70’s speak for themselves…


A toast to the weekend


Surprise your guests on your next sunday brunch with a very special goodie: Instead of serving their toast with an undefined pattern of black and brown, present it with their picture on it.  The so-called selfie-toaster by Burnt Impression makes it possible. Just send a digital picture of your friends to the company in Vermont and you’ll get your special toaster to produce lots of tasty selfies. Happy weekend!



Shakespe'hero meets handcrafted storytelling


After more than 50 years of creating couture for the cinema, opera, and theatre, nearly 80-year-old pioneering film costumier Emi Wada does not think of getting retired at all. “I used to think that I’d retire when I turn 70, but for some reason, I’ve been getting even more offers these days”, the Japanese lady says.  

Characterized by her passion for detail, her deep knowledge of history, and an epic sense of style, Wada has worked for directors such as Akira Kurosawa, Peter Greenaway and Zhang Yimou. In 1986 she received an Oscar for her numerous hand-tailored costumes for the movie Ran, directed by Kurosawa, based on Shakespeare’s story of King Lear.  

In spite of the technological advancements in the movie industry, Wada emphasizes the importance of fabrics that are made by hand, by a person, because this helps to create characters and adds power and life to a film. Her role, as she says, goes beyond making clothes. Her job is to help the director tell the story through images. Handcrafted storytelling at its best!

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