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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!



Some inspiration for a monday morning that will take you more than a klick to get fully inspired, it will take a few days!! until it is in your actual mailbox,  it's a printmagazine...

Mags, mags, mags – in our industry you sometimes wonder why people say "print is over" – since other than in the newspapers-industry where more and more papers get closed or shift digital, Magazines keep popping up like flowers in spring. And sometimes it is hard to distinguish the good from the bad at the newspaper-stand. 

Luckily there are the good ones, the real good ones, the ones that can not be replaced by digital platforms for moodboardresearch, inspiration on saturdays or a good read in your holidays. One of those is a relatively new magazine that we absolutely love – VIOLET. Successful publisher Leith Clark and Valentine Fillol-Cordier wanted to create an on-going dialogue between iconic women and notables of fashion, cinema and art. We think they succeeded.

Above all - we think they perfectly merged great content with even better visual inspiration.

A highly recommended read.

violetbook.co.uk (this is not the online version - there is only print:)

Our parliament's brand favorites


From Kägi-Frett to Schellenursli...what's your favourite Swiss Brand?

Different members of the Swiss Parliament have made an exclusive selection of products for the pre-opening exhibition of the Swiss Brand Museum in the Swiss capital, Berne. The «Parts of Switzerland» will be offered for the first time in a Selecta vending machine. The members of the Swiss National Council and the Council of States have chosen their own personal «Part of Switzerland». As from 22 April 2015, visitors will enjoy a unique look at Switzerland as an industrial centre, with its innovative businesses, organisations and products, within the historical walls of the former customs office, which is under UNESCO protection.


words into pictures


Juliette Binoche and Clive Owen don't have to fight about the power of words versus pictures anymore since a clever design and programming group in Sweden invented onehundredforty. The idea merges smart programming with beautiful design to make personal art prints – from a tweet of up to 140 characters of your choice. 

Select a tweet – onehundredforty generates your individual design – they print – you hang it on your wall – any given tweet can only be purchased once for every design combination… so your print is always unique.

And who are the people behind this? a group of clever Swedes, of course! They launched their idea on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter – we like!

Five years of NOWNESS - High Five!


Congrats to the ever-inspiring capture of the here and now!


Bill Domonkos


Bill Domonkos is a filmmaker, GIF maker and stereoscopist. His work has been shown internationally in cinemas, film festivals, galleries and museums.

Explore more of his GIFs:

Don't worry, be happy… happy weekend!


how to seduce with ephemeral interaction


Bespoke New York design agency Sagmeister & Walsh makes the cloud infrastructure software company fugue stand out big time. "When learning about the software, what stood out to us was the importance of ephemerality, as the software replaces the need for maintenance of long-lived components in the cloud with automated regeneration of short lived ones", Walsh says.   

The makers of Fugue, a new software that simplifies the creation, operation, and regeneration of cloud infrastructure, wanted to disrupt stereotypical tech graphics. And Sagmeister & Walsh did it. The designers created a calligraphic identity, app, and animated logo that changes based on user data. This artful use of data visualization turns the branding into an interactive game. 

Be inspired.

“It’s you who write the script


“It’s you who write the script” says Jeff Wall – one of the great photography's masters of our time – while he is captivating the audience by means of an unfolding and never fully explained or transparent story. 

Jeff Wall is worth a spring trip to Denmarks wonderful hidden gem close to Copenhagen: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is showing 35 of his most important works until June this year louisiana.dk/exhibition/jeff-wall



As debate rages on about the usefulness and necessity of elaborate sets and venues, one thing is clear: Designers pulled out all the stops for the Fall 2015 season to make their show a unique brand experience. We love it.

Chanel's Brasserie Gabrielle set reminds us A LOT of Kronenhalle, we adore Gucci's subway scene and Marc's manicured lawn must have pleased Federer-fan Anna Wintour for sure!


Applegreen annual report


Irish convenience store chain Applegreen celebrates their 21st anniversary with an annual report featuring illuminated, hand-crafted paper cut outs representing tangible growth.

Find more images here:

Turn your selfie into sound


What if your face had a musical identity? What if you just find out on the The Lincoln Motor Company's music selfie experiment!

Each section of the face defines another dimension of the sound in the experiment's algorithm – the nose, for instance, controls percussion. Another controls bass. Another controls ambience, and so on. The experiment takes just a few minutes to complete, and it’s entertaining to see how your own selfie turns out!

If it helps the company to sell more cars, well... it certainly got them a huge amount of attention.

check out interactive version

and on behance

Applewatch? There's more to watch at Baselworld.


All eyes are on Applewatch – but there's more to watch at Baselworld! Look at Blancpain's provocative dial-plate using a traditional technique from the 17th century or Hermés with its collector's edition «Slim d'Hermès Koma Kurabé» featuring Japanese Aka-e painting... both definitely lack the touchscreen though. We love that James Bond's watches can do both and we are looking forward till digital and haute horlogerie finally merge!

An interesting article about the applelution in this weeks diewelt.de 

Tom Dixon going Spa


Self-taught British designer Tom Dixon has been a hit runner over 10 years now at all interior fairs - all hot spot restaurant interiors and well-selected interior stores. But there is more to the brand to explore: the company's design research studio designresearchstudio.net is working on many interior projects and has recently launched a beautiful new spa at the Mondrian Hotel in London's Sea Container House. For all copper and Dr. Jackson's natural products lovers - a must visit. morganshotelgroup.com drjackson.co.uk

Shake it!


After the lovely first hint of spring this week in Zurich we feel like starting the weekend with a bit of tuning and shaking.

Go out. Be happy. Bring it on!

Leaning cups


These nice cups might start messing with your mind even before you start drinking.

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