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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!

Virtually backstage@Dior


French fashion brand Dior launches its first virtual reality headset, named “Dior Eyes”, combining the VR and 360° sound caption technologies. The product unveils customers a previously unseen immersion experience, which plunges them in backstage of the last fashion show. Customers of some Dior points of sale around the world will enjoy the experience from June 2015. The show starts backstage!

Is the infographic dead?


A few years ago, the Internet was filled with groundbreaking data visualizations. Today, infographics seem to be a dying breed. Except that the story is far more nuanced. Data visualization has evolved into something more mature, corporate, and honest about its failings. Years ago, the hardest part of a data visualization designer's job was explaining what he did and why it was worthwhile. Today, organizations ranging from the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to the World Bank seek out data visualization specialists. But there is a dirty little secret about data visualization: it does not always provide as much insight into large datasets as you might hope. Read about how data viz has evolved and what the future might bring.

1001 by YVY


Morrocco in the early seventies, a dreamscape for musicians, artists and their muses, an exotic and luxurious bohemian kingdom full of stories.

YVY’s new line of exclusive leather accessories is inspired by the mixture of oriental mystique and geometric islamic patterns in the heyday of experimental liberation.

It’s the aesthetic of 1001 night: at the same time mathematically precise, visually alluring and symbolically rooted, the magical attraction of sacred ornaments bewitches the senses.

Interlaced strapwork and stars formed by endless lines create hallucinatory effects that provide a perfect background for living the louche life.

Entirely handmade out of italian vegetable tanned leather, YVY’s new collection will turn you into a tempting legend out of 1001 nights.

We love YVY

Branders at Digital Forum London


Follow the conversation about digital meets luxury/fashion/retail on @theBranders and @wwdsummit on Twitter... we're excited to hear how Yoox/Net-a-porter and the like inspire a whole industry on how to think big with digital branding.

Milan: first Interior-friendly TV


Have you ever dreamed of being in one room with your favourite TV star? Have you ever thought of not having a TV because even the flattest designed TV doesn't fit into your interior composition?

Well here you can have it both. 

With the merger of Japanese design (Yusuke Tsujika) and SONY technology the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is definitely one of the presented innovations to watch from Salone Mobile this year.

Will be launched in June.

Tarantino – The Driving Shots


Though better known for his famous "trunk shots", Quentin Tarantino takes a fun and unique approach to filming his characters traveling. Using a variety of interesting angles, Tarantino keeps us visually in tune as some of his most crucial narrative moments unfold. Jacob T. Swinney, known for his movie scenes’ supercuts, gives us a look at some of Tarantino's best shots on the road: from Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill through Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, Jackie Brown, Death Proof and Reservoir Dogs.

Have a break - have a Kitk... YouTube?


Have a break - have a Kitk... äh YouTube?

Today in 20 Minuten, p.21: Read our CEO's comment on Nestlé's latest idea of renaming its Kitkat Bar into YouTube Break

Chanel Cruise Seoul


Haute foodies


Karlie Kloss has her cookies, Kate Moss has announced to make and sell her own brand of jam at this summer’s Glastonbury music festival and one might think: well yeah who is next?

When he isn’t modeling for menswear clients like Bespoken or Open Lab magazine, Roze Traore is working as a personal chef, whipping up chic meals for private events and honing his culinary craft. Working for Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurants and running his own personal supper club, Traore is becoming a presence in the world of haute cuisine. One to watch.

roze was here  

Transform Award Europe - Bachem


We proudly announce that Transform Award Europe has recognized our Rebranding Project for Bachem Group with Bronze for Best Visual Identity in the health care sector. Check out the bespoke case here… clap clap to the team!

Transform Award Europe 2015



Life, Love and "Iris"


Earlier this year, the documentary film world lost one of its pioneers: 88-year-old Albert Maysles. His final project „Iris" is a charming portrait of 93-year-old New York fashion icon Iris Apfel that delivers a powerful message of staying true to yourself. In contrast to today’s Internet-propelled wannabes screaming to be noticed, Apfel became an accidental brand simply by being herself. She was a pioneering businesswoman at a time when women settled down to raise children, with a fashion sense so extreme and singular—a kaleidoscope of prints, colors, and textures—as to invite her own clothing exhibitions at museums and window displays.

"I never did this to send a message," says Apfel. "I think there are a lot of messages. From talking to people, each one seems to fixate on another part of the film, so I guess whatever grabs you is fine with me. I’m happy people have reacted so favorably."

The listening table by NYT Labs


Like most offices, the New York Times holds a lot of meetings. Editorial meetings, ad sales meetings, design meetings, you name it; all centered around a table seemingly for no other purpose than to have something to congregate around and take notes on. So the New York Times decided to give its table a purpose. By bringing together research and design the Listening Table is an augmented piece of furniture that hears and understands the conversations happening around it. It uses custom, state-of-the-art speech transcription software and high-resolution sensors to facilitate understanding. A dynamic microphone array focuses on the speaker, no matter where he or she is seated; custom speech-processing software generates a word-for-word record of the meeting as well as a semantic overview — what topics were talked about, in what order, and by whom. And if you ever miss a meeting, the Listening Table makes it easy to catch up with what was discussed.


Cecil Beaton's word for the weekend.


Strive for extraordinary!


«It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation» - Herman Melville, American Novelist

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