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dailymuse  The Muse
So this is basically the best job EVER. DO NOT miss the deadline to apply (it's on Monday!) http://t.co/EfdpmwhTAA http://t.co/vWeiuTWZAs
08 minutes ago

Upworthy  Upworthy
.@JanelleMonae explains her definition of beauty http://t.co/5E0A9DPrL7 via @AOL
08 minutes ago

HungerMagazine  Hunger Magazine
.@stevepykestudio shares his striking portraits and tales of the hedonistic London 70s. http://t.co/15HQ2K5ba6 http://t.co/QLNYWMpFuF
08 minutes ago

robinsloan  Robin Sloan
I want this. http://t.co/oTww8HIxuQ
09 minutes ago

mashable  Mashable
Thinking of a career change? Here's a checklist for success http://t.co/raxPwRjc3p via @dailymuse
10 minutes ago

jayrosen_nyu  Jay Rosen
Via @mariabustillos, a scathing reply to @CJR's critique of "Gawker as internet bully." http://t.co/QJn8Pcc4eK by Freddie de Boer. Deserved.
10 minutes ago

Die Spuren, die die Menschen auf der Erde hinterlassen sind gewaltig. Wir wünschen Euch einen schönen Abend! http://t.co/MIQhsPNI2S (red)
13 minutes ago

ECBranding  Branding Articles
Right Tool for the Right Job Six Different Ways to Get Your Business Known http://t.co/qwGKnCYtE5
16 minutes ago

maisonfabre  Maison Fabre
Hello la Pyramide du Louvre! Modèle Pyramid par Maison Fabre #pei #eiffelconstruction #vanessabosiophoto http://t.co/BU4t3r6WLa
17 minutes ago

printmag  Print magazine
Design #job: New America seeks Front End Web Developer http://t.co/4HL7uhjBZB
18 minutes ago

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