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mumbrella  Tim Burrowes
RT @adnh103: Tourism Australia chief marketer Nick Baker to quit in January http://t.co/5E8PP2Deyc via @mumbrella
20 minutes ago

TheCut  The Cut
"Refusing to care doesn't make you stronger." From this week's Ask Polly: http://t.co/qQxSIHZhZG
21 minutes ago

designboom  designboom
textile art by laokoon evolves through artificial forces and materials http://t.co/rkWv1WSFGS
32 minutes ago

NewYorker  The New Yorker
Was Beethoven too great for the good of music? Alex Ross on the composer’s profound influence: http://t.co/KIOS6rG7Dq
35 minutes ago

voguemagazine  Vogue Magazine
The 12 best wedding dresses from Bridal Week: http://t.co/k222Lb9oCs
36 minutes ago

unlessyouwill  UNLESS YOU WILL
© Lara Gasparotto "Arbres, 2013" Stieglitz19 @UnseenPhotoFair http://t.co/BAnO0PLFJj http://t.co/OeZW4ytS09
37 minutes ago

thefoxisblack  Bobby Solomon
An hour later I'm already loving the new Safari more. Feels faster, def. better looking than Chrome, reading list, saved passwords, etc.
57 minutes ago

TheCut  The Cut
Is Mulberry trying to poach from Céline?: http://t.co/cqBYMtxCTd
1 hours ago

mashable  Mashable
No actual guitars were smashed in this marching band's classic rock tribute http://t.co/GB34nSHvqY http://t.co/LZ89OL4vWE
1 hours ago

eThrive  eThrive
Bulls guard Butler sprains left thumb http://t.co/8nzWI7kDCO
1 hours ago

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