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alaindebotton  Alain de Botton
Why Aristotle really matters: https://t.co/8N0HAF7uLf
29 minutes ago

vanHeldth  Heldth
Colours of the city. • w/ skodagram & adidas_de http://t.co/K7eWG3JBrd
35 minutes ago

Heystudio  Hey
New print! Available on http://t.co/sNOP3XAESw http://t.co/vasHhiQWAM
38 minutes ago

alaindebotton  Alain de Botton
You have to be bashed about a bit by life to see the point of flowers, pretty skies and uneventful 'boring' days.
38 minutes ago

Exklusiv-Konzerte für den #Porsche-Club, Product Placement für LEDs: Die #SixtinischeKapelle im Wandel http://t.co/1TF4UsLpeH (red)
40 minutes ago

alaindebotton  Alain de Botton
Insomnia: the mind's revenge for all the thoughts you were careful not to have in the day.
41 minutes ago

ReneRedzepiNoma  Rene Redzepi
RT @chrifrapug: So looking forward to cooking in NyC with @tartinebaker , come chk it out at Dover Street Market! http://t.co/KZ0r8UZnPg
42 minutes ago

thisiscollate  Collate
Kiehl's Craig & Karl ~ http://t.co/xiwr7CXHQp
42 minutes ago

alaindebotton  Alain de Botton
The more you like what you've written, the less you need others to like it.
42 minutes ago

alaindebotton  Alain de Botton
We mostly lose our tempers not with those who are actually to blame; but with those who love us enough to forgive us our foul moods.
43 minutes ago

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