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jayrosen_nyu  Jay Rosen
My view is Trump ran to become the most talked about person in the world. It worked. I doubt that after the vote he will pivot to Trump TV.
20 minutes ago

thefoxisblack  Bobby Solomon
New @Nintendo Switch icon branding is simple and perfect ❤️☯️❤️ https://t.co/0FA6KcG7jm https://t.co/Uf3UrPQC8x
21 minutes ago

hellogiggles  HelloGiggles.com
One side of the Oreo actually *does* get icing after twisting, according to science https://t.co/CfUYidzVyC https://t.co/M9IiXIQeOL
23 minutes ago

Handelszeitung  Handelszeitung
Microsoft erfreut Anleger mit Cloud-Zuwachs https://t.co/gtpGQWF5eX https://t.co/zQ4IieSZWv
23 minutes ago

voguemagazine  Vogue Magazine
Happy birthday, @SnoopDogg! https://t.co/x6NnMQVlyq
23 minutes ago

TheCut  The Cut
This video of Tom Brady eating candy in slow motion is weirdly sensual https://t.co/Dz7LbPVzDJ
27 minutes ago

designmilk  Design Milk
Window by Nendo for TEN:TEN https://t.co/AzfZgR7DwJ https://t.co/IF2EY289zT
31 minutes ago

designtaxi  TAXI
Handy ‘Guzzle Buddy’ device transforms your wine bottle into your wine glass https://t.co/fcUiSVRiZN https://t.co/hfW7gP5wiE
31 minutes ago

hellogiggles  HelloGiggles.com
So it looks like the latest fitness trend is…crawling?! https://t.co/9o5LFTBwe0 https://t.co/QLUx6FTD4n
33 minutes ago

NewYorker  The New Yorker
If Trump becomes President, he may want to do more than jail Clinton on specious charges. https://t.co/yKhSEmsSqO
33 minutes ago

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