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Fashion brands

Be it an old fashion that has been rediscovered or a style chosen at random, and then copied so often that it becomes a trend – or someone consciously aiming to create a brand. As trends and designs change at a breathless pace, in the fast-moving world of fashion, brands are often the only constant. Continue »

Bild/Picture Food brands

Food brands

The trend towards healthy and exclusive food products is again gaining in importance and will soon become a billion-dollar market. Increasingly, consumers are opting for authentic brands that deliver what they promise. We will be presenting a continuous selection of exciting and unique food brands. Continue »

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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We’ll point out which brands and ideas made us look and will feature some everyday brand inspiration from around the globe. And we will be happy if you'll share yours with us! Continue »


Getting Priorities straight

Priorities need to be set, day in, day out; by the hour, by the minute, in fact almost non-stop. Get up and go for a run, or turn around and grab a few more Zs? Let that great idea you just came up with mature for a day, or sell it straight away? Salad or fries? Call, yes or no? Paint the town red or read in bed? Each day, we have a never-ending succession of decisions to make. Some love it, others dither about every single one. Continue »


Juli Zeh - The Kellogg’s Trauma

“Kellogg’s!” Paradise’s name on earth. Except that we never got Kellogg’s, at least not at home, so we had to resort to the generosity of our friends’ parents who would let us sleep over on weekends. In the mornings, said friends’ mothers would then watch us in amazement as we gobbled down six or seven bowls of Smacks or Frosties, slumping round-backed in our seats, gazing fixedly at the back of a Kellogg’s cereal box, and devouring the both pointless yet fascinating trivia shown there. Continue »

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